Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Lamb Cookies

It is such a fun time of year, this thing called December. But it is also so filled with things to do that sometimes I wanna scream! I have been busy with all sorts of crafty things in the past few weeks and haven't had time to share them here on my blog. Sorry!

I did want to share with you this cookie adventure I did this week. I am not a pro when it comes to making iced cookies and try not to laugh too much at my first attempt! ;0) Why did I try it now when clearly I already have lots on my list of things to do? Simple. Because I thought it would be fun and it had to do with volunteering at my son's school.... which I can almost never say no to! The opportunity came to do a read aloud book that had to do with the true meaning of Christmas. It is such a new and wonderful thing that my kids are in a Christian school this year and that we can talk about Jesus during the year and especially at Christmas! So I loved the idea of reading a Christmas book to the kids and providing a snack for them. The book that I read to them is Max Lucado's "Crippled Lamb" which is a story of a little lamb who isn't like the others and always feels left out. He is left behind in a stable because he can't make the trip with the others to a new pasture in the valley. Yet he becomes one of the first to greet the new born king! God had a special purpose for him and he looks at his plight in a whole new way.

So, I just had to make a matching snack to go with the story! I went with my son to Michael's to see if I could find a lamb cookie cutter. I couldn't so I sat there searching through the ones available until invention struck me!

I purchase a cupcake cookie cutter instead. My thought was that I could just make the face of the little lamb with the top of the cupcake being his wool and ears and the bottom being a spot to put his face.

I also purchased some fun pre-made eyes as well as some premade cookie icing for all the outlining I would need to do. I had some mini marshmallows that I would use for the wool.

And here's what they came out like. I put this picture in here because they didn't all come out perfect like I was hoping. And that's okay. I learned alot while making these guys and still think that they came out cute. The kids in the class loved eating them and my son was especially happy to see what his mom came up with (it was a surprise to him because he was at school while I baked these up all morning). And that was all worth it to me. :)

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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog. You are obviously one of those multi-talented crafters who can do A LOT more than just paper crafting. There's a whole lot of inspiration here on your blog. I would love to follow you. I would also like to invite you to come by my blog. I am having a special give-away this week. I love getting new followers that I can also follow where I can get inspired to try new things. I hope that you will also be inspired by my blog. I hope you will stop by soon if you are interested. Hope to see you!

  2. so cute! thanks for sharing :)