Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi, ho, hi, ho - it's off to work I go...

Well, not me really. One of my close friends is going back to work this week after being a SAHM for many, many years. She is working in the office at one of our local schools. The job she took seems perfect for her schedule since she is only part time and goes in at 11am and leave by 2pm. She is still able to be home in the morning and see her kids off to school and come home in the afternoon to be there for when they get back! I think that's a great thing.

So, I wanted to make my buddy something for her to take with her as she heads back to work. I will miss her for those few hours! I got inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, MISH MASH. Michelle's sense of style, whimsy and color combo make her work stand out from the rest, IMHO. She is always creating new and exciting things and I just love her packaging for her gifts as well.

Here is a notebook that I made for my friend. I used a lot of different MME papers to make this.
I figure that she is going to have a lot of little notes to take while she gets the hang of her new job. Plus, it will be all hers and no one will take it off her desk.

I used my sewing machine to stitch around the outside of the front cover. I also stitched the ribbon in place on both the front and back covers so that it won't fall off when she opens it. This makes it easy to re-tie when she is done with it. I am planning on putting a little pen in there for her and the knot in the ribbon should keep it from slipping. :)

Here is a quick peek at the card that I also made her.

I am putting these in a wax paper sack and tying it with some ribbon and tags. You can find the sacks that I am using here. The notebook peeks out just a little over the top of these sacks but I just love the translucency and feel of them so it doesn't matter.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a great week.


  1. Oh wow, I love all the elements you've used!

  2. Adorable notebook! I really love the butterfly.